At Holy Nativity Sunday School, we strive to nurture the spiritual development of children.  We encourage them to follow Jesus, and we welcome them as full members of the church.  

Each Sunday, at the start of the 10:00 am service, we meet in the sanctuary to hear a message from our priest, Brian.  Then we go to the Parish Hall to share news about our week and to build on Brian's message with activities such crafts, games, dramas, object lessons, and videos.  We return to the service to bring the elements to the altar and for communion.  Children are welcome to join their parents for communion or to go to the altar with our Sunday School teachers.   

Special past Sunday School activities include Friday movie nights with popcorn, the Christmas pageant, a Christingle service, game nights, pottery painting evenings, and giving prayers during special services such as Christmas Eve and Mother's Day.    

We look forward to getting to know the children and to watching them grow in Christ.

There is currently no organized children's program. Children and families are always welcome. 

We hope to renew our ministry to children, as new families join us. If you have any questions, please call the clergy or the church office.